Yearly Archives: 2012

Theme Disabled

I have disabled my custom theme (Postremo) while I track down a bug that causes issues with Firefox. Please bear with me while I fix this issue. I also plan to make a few tweaks while I’m at it.

Big Changes Lead to a Busier Life

Looking at the list of my posts on this site, you’ll notice that they have been few and far between over the last several months. That, of course, was not my intention for this site. Instead, my original goal was to post at least once a week about the latest developments in technology, helpful programming tips, and whatever else I chose to write about. What went wrong with this plan? Nothing, per say – I have just been too darn busy.

The Big Change

In November of 2011, my dream job in which I had been working as a professional Web Developer since August of 2011 become a career when I was put on salary. Though it is nice to finally have a steady, unchanging paycheck, this promotion has meant an increase in hours from 40 per week to 45 per week. In addition, I have also been working on a lot of projects from home in order to meet deadlines, especially during those first two months (November and December).

Speaking of home, another big change that I have made in my life is where I call home. Anticipating my promotion, in October 2011 I began searching for a new place to live that was much closer to work. (I had been driving over an hour at the time.) Much of my time not spent working in October, November, and December were spent on the hunt. In late December, I finally found the place I was looking for and  I moved to Lancaster on January 1, 2012.

Plans for the Future

I do not know when I’ll be able to accomplish my goal of weekly posts, but hopefully it will be soon. I am currently sub-contracting for Bailey Brand Consulting, which is just outside of Philly, PA and I will be doing so for at least the next month or two. Once this awesome assignment is finished, I may finally have some time to return to this site. Until then, please stay tuned!