I’ve moved

I’ve moved – well, at least my site has anyway. When I set this site up back in August, I did not have any money in my budget for hosting as I had just started a new career at the beginning of that month. Temporarily, at least just to get the site started until I could afford hosting, I set my site up at XtreemHost under their free plan. XH is great for basic sites as it supports many of the same features as most entry-level paid hosting accounts, but unlike many other free hosts they do not stick ads or pop-ups anywhere on your page (only on PHP error pages in my experience but the “display_errors” INI setting is set to off by default unless you enable it in your .htaccess file). When it comes to running more advanced sites, such as those powered by a CMS like WordPress or Drupal, one quickly begins to hit a wall due to their limitations. PHP’s “mail()”, “fsock()”, and “cURL()” functions are disabled because of abuse by previous customers or at least that is their explanation. Fast forward to present-day October.  Now that I am a little more financially stable, and because I am sick of these restrictions impeding my development, I have decided it’s finally time to move my site to a HostGator “Baby” plan. Everything is now running much smoother and I am finally free to do whatever I want. I even managed to get my custom URL shortener, powered by YOURLS, to work at jleedy.tk.

On a side note, it is a very real possibility that I could actually be physically moving soon in order to be closer to my new place of employment. On Friday night, I looked at a beautiful apartment in Mount Joy and I mailed in the application on Saturday. I hope to hear something about it as soon as Wednesday if not tomorrow. I will post the news here if I do get it.